Resolution NumberTitle
2017-03   A Resolution of the City of Port St. Joe establishing a cross-connection control program.   
2017-02   Support renovation of the Port city Trail with recreational trails program in Florida (RTP)funding; and providing for an effective date.   
2017-01   A Resolution Adopting Scheduled fees, charges and expenses related to programs and facilities provided by the city.   
2016-09   A Resolution of the City Commission of the City of Port St. Joe, Authorizing the inclusion on City Utility Bills of a voluntary charge to be paid in addition to monthly utility charges: Authorizing City staff to determine appropriate forms and processes for collecting said voluntary contributions, providing for the use and distribution of said voluntary charges; identifying certain non-departmental appropriations for which said voluntary charge may be used ; providing for an amount which may be charged; providing for an effective date.   
2016-08   A Resolution Adopting Scheduled fees, charges and expenses related to programs and facilities provided by the city.   
2016-07   A Resolution , adopting a policy for the protection of individuals engaging in non-violent civil rights demonstrations, repealing all resolutions in conflict herewith, and providing for an effective date.   
2016-06   Grant Application for Centennial Building    
2016-05   First Primary Municipal Election May 10, 2016 for election of City Commissioners in Groups III and IV   
2016-04   Approval of Port St. Joe's Community Development Block Grant    
2016-03   Roadside Beautification Assistance Program   
2016-02   A Resolution of the City and the United States of America to support efforts of the Port St. Joe Port Authority to make the Port of Port St. Joe, Florida a viable operational seaport.   
2016-01   Resolution authorizing the execution of the Florida Department of Transportation SCOP Agreement.   
2015-11   Resolution State Revolving Funds   
2015-10   Resolution Agreement with Lighthouse Utilities Company for certain services in connection with the operation of the Cape San Blas Sewer System   
2015-09   Resolution adopting a schedule of fees for waste haulers.   
2015-08   Resolution adopting the Gulf County Local Mitigation Strategy   
2015-07   Gulf County Emergency Management Plan   
2015-06   A Resolution Modifying Ord. 455 Providing Temporary Reduction in its Capital Facilities Charge for Water and Wastewater   
2015-05   Resolution authorizing a grant application for Phase III Cape San Blas Lighthouse.   
2015-04   Rural Business Enterprise Grant - Open Air Information Center   
2015-03   Election May 15, 2015   
2015-02   Did not pass due to publishing error   
2015-01   Did not pass due to publishing error   
2014-18   Healthiest Weight Florida Initiative   
2014-17   Resolution expressing support RAO   
2014-16   Construction of PSJ Pathway for Health and History Phase II   
2014-15   Re authorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act   
2014-14   Grant Application for Phase III Cape San Blas Lighthouse   
2014-13   Vacating a portion of McClellan and Dickens Subdivision   
2014-12   Dumping Fees Solid Waste Water Hauler Services   
2014-10   Recreational User Fees - Amending 2014-02   
2014-09   Gulf Coast Parkway    
2014-08   FDOT Maintenance Contract Phase IV Landscaping   
2014-07   PSJRA Board Dissolution   
2014-06   Grant Application Open Air Information Center Amending 2014-05   
2014-05   Open Air Information Center   
2014-04   PSJ Port Authority Viable Operations Seaport   
2014-03   Jetty Park Grant Application   
2014-02   Recreation Fees - Boat Launch Fees Amending 2014-01   
2014-01   Fees, City Facilities   
2013-09   Scheduled Fees for Waste Collection    
2013-08   Enterprise Zone Expansion   
2013-07   Regions Bank Loan   
2013-06   Pay Scale for city employees   
2013-05   Interment Fees   
2013-04   Accepting full settlement of claims against BP...   
2013-03   Election of City Commission   
2013-02   SWAT   
2013-01   NPSJ Landscaping   
2012-04   Scheduled fees for collection of waste   
2012-03   NPSJ Water Improvements Signature Authority   
2012-02   Cape San Blas Lighthouse   
2012-01B   Election   
2012-01A   Rural Business Enterprise Grant $200,000.00   
2012-01   Rural Business Enterprise Grant USDA MLK   
2011-06   Revolving Fund Loan   
2010-01   Resolution Community Redevelopment Plan   
11-05   City Election   
11-04   Roadside Beautification   
11-03   State Revolving Fund   
11-02   Brownfield Assessment   
11-01   Recreation User Fees   
10-16   Regions Bank Loan   
10-15   Let's Move Campaign   
10-14   Rural Business Enterprise Grant   
10-13   Regions Bank Loan   
10-12   DOT LAP Agreement for Madison/Garrison Multi-use Path   
10-11   State Revolving Fund   
10-10   Recreation User Fee Schedule   
10-09   State of Emergency Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill   
10-08   Development Fee Schedule   
10-07   Elections   
10-06   LAP Multi-use Path   
10-05   Revolving Fund   
10-04   National Marine Fisheries Services   
10-03   PSJRA Parking Lot Purchase   
10-02   2008 Disaster Recovery CDBG Grant funds to DCA   
09-27   FDOT Agreement Crosswalk   
09-26   Rescinding Resolution 2008-11   
09-25   PSJE After School Program Building   
09-23   Support for National Guard & Reserve   
09-22   Rural Area of Critical Economic Concern   
09-21   Local Mitigating Strategy   
09-20   NWFLC Amending 4 Resolution   
09-19   Sunset Circle   
09-18   Amending Ordinance 401   
09-17   Amending Ordinance 400   
09-16   Rural Infrastructure Grant Water & Sewer   
09-15   CDBG Grant Application for North PSJ   
09-14   CDBG Grant Application for NFCD   
09-13   LAP Agreement